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Artful Encounters

The Fifth Avenue Hotel’s Partnership with Frieze New York

At The Fifth Avenue Hotel, every corner and corridor offers an invitation to see the world through the eyes of a flâneur—those perceptive wanderers for whom every glimpse offers a story, every scene a canvas. This perspective of life as art is what makes our hotel a living cabinet of curiosities: collected memories, juxtapositions, snippets of imagination, and moments of beauty coming together to offer an experience for the senses. Guests are drawn into a reflective journey, filled with admiration and endless questions, exploring the world of art through the lens of others and their own inner worlds.

This commitment to art and culture is further elevated by our proud role as a hotel partner of the renowned Frieze Art Fair. Originating in 2003 in London’s Regent’s Park, Frieze Art Fair was conceived by the founders of the contemporary art magazine frieze. It quickly expanded to global prominence, adding editions in New York, Los Angeles, and most recently Seoul. Launched in 2012, Frieze New York has become a vibrant platform that brings together prominent galleries from around the world, showcasing both emerging talents and celebrated icons. Today, Frieze New York stands as one of the most significant epicenters for discovering contemporary art and fostering global artistic exchanges.

Partnering with Frieze New York feels like a natural step for The Fifth Avenue Hotel, given our passion for the arts. By offering preferred room rates and VIP access to fair attendees and exhibitors, we made it clear that supporting the arts isn’t just something we do—it’s a core part of who we are. This partnership allows our guests to feel more connected, not just to us, but to the vibrant cultural life that thrives in this city.

This year, Frieze New York came alive from May 1-5 at The Shed, drawing a vibrant crowd of artists, collectors, and art lovers from all over the world. To coincide with this celebrated art fair, The Fifth Avenue Hotel, guided by our Director of Cultural Programming, Joseph Vatter, collaborated on the development of two special events. These gatherings were designed to enrich the Frieze experience, providing our guests and participants with unique opportunities to engage deeply with the world of contemporary art.

Exploring Collector-Dealer Relationships with Artlogic

On April 30th, when the city was buzzing in anticipation of Frieze New York, The Fifth Avenue Hotel partnered with Artlogic to present “The Art of Collaboration,” a breakfast panel that explored the personal dynamics between art collectors and dealers.

The discussion delved into these relationships, which are marked by mutual reliance. Collectors depend on dealers as trusted advisors who help them navigate the intricate art market, while dealers view collectors as partners who bring vitality and continuity to the work they champion. Such partnerships often grow into collaborations and enduring friendships, creating a supportive community within the art world.

The panel was moderated by distinguished arts and culture journalist Julia Halperin, Editor-at-Large of CULTURED, and featured a lineup of equally distinguished industry figures, including Christine Messineo, Director of Americas at Frieze Art Fair; Carla Camacho, Partner at international art gallery Lehmann Maupin; Roselyn Matthews, Collector and Chief of Staff/Vice President, Brand of Lucifer Lighting; and Rodney Miller, Collector and Vice Chairman of Acquisitions at JP Morgan.

Nearly 200 guests from across the art industry, including prominent artists, gallerists, and collectors, attended the event, enriching the discussion with their diverse experiences and perspectives.

Celebrating “Matty Davis — Die No Die (The High Line)

On the evening before the fair’s opening day, a captivating experience unfolded on The High Line: the premiere of a new performance by artist Matty Davis, Die No Die (The High Line). Co-produced by Frieze New York and High Line Art, and organized by Taylor Zakarin, Associate Curator, High Line Art, this multi-artist performance moved through four distinct choreographic stages, stretching from Gansevoort Street to the Spur.

As the city transitioned from day to night, Davis and his ensemble of five performers took the audience on a journey along The High Line. Each pause in the performance, across this unique city park, offered yet another tableau of movement: the rhythms of hearts against the New York City skyline, in a potent dialogue of life and art.

The artistic engagement didn’t end with the final performance. Guests were invited to continue the experience at The Fifth Avenue Hotel, where a special reception was held. This gathering, co-hosted by The Fifth Avenue Hotel, Frieze New York, and High Line Art,  allowed attendees to reflect on the performance and celebrate the onset of the fair. Connections were forged and deepened, as the attendees shared their impressions and thoughts, making the work feel even more alive and resonant.

A Place to Linger 

Far from filling space, art sparks a dialogue that broadens perception and forges connection. Partnerships like that with Frieze New York reiterate our commitment to immersive art experiences that inspire and enlighten.

Moving forward, we seek to enhance our guests’ experiences further so that upon departure, they take with them a greater appreciation of how art structures and reflects the collective human experience. At The Fifth, art is not seen. It is felt, lived, and integrated into our very being of hospitality.

This page, at left: Joe Elliott, President and Chief Commercial Officer, Artlogic and Joseph Vatter, Director of Cultural Programming, The Fifth Avenue Hotel. Photo by Rupert Ramsay. © BFA 2024
Previous page, thumbnail: Cecilia Alemani, Director and Chief Curator, High Line Art and artist Matty Davis. Photo © Liz Ligon Photography. Courtesy High Line Art.

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