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Bunch of flowers featuring roses, placed in flower pots on the table.

Gracious Blooms

“Flowers are the ultimate gesture of hospitality, the final detail,” says Raquel Corvino, the artist behind The Fifth’s perennially captivating flower displays. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we love to welcome our guests with opulent floral compositions in the lobby and other common areas, and elegant arrangements of fresh flowers in their rooms.

Recently, we sat down with Raquel to discuss how she fell in love with flowers in the first place, and how she shares that love story with guests at The Fifth.

The Fifth: Tell us about your background and your path to becoming a florist.

Raquel Corvino: I started working with flowers as a teenager as a summer job. Flower arranging quickly became my passion. I loved discovering the behaviors of all the varieties of flowers that were so new to me, the myriad of colors and textures, learning the botanical names, and countries of origin. I had always had a love of collage and the arranging process really appealed to that. I still approach arranging flowers as if I’m making a collage.

The Fifth: What’s it like to be a florist in New York City as the seasons change?

RC: I always love seeing the very first blooming trees and shrubs that break through all the gray of a New York winter. It’s always a race. What will bloom first? The magnolias? The forsythia? There’s something new to discover every season of the year.

The Fifth: What are you seeing/working with this spring?

RC: I love working with flowering branches. Just the scale of the arrangement they create is always show-stopping. But I also really adore the tiny first bulb flowers…snowdrops are just so sweet and full of promise. Being so close to the NYC Flower Market at The Fifth is incredible. There is so much selection and activity. I find it very stimulating and inspiring..

The Fifth: How would you describe your approach to floral design for The Fifth?

RC: I constantly draw inspiration for the floral arrangements from the many botanical and whimsical details infused into the décor of the hotel – from the wall coverings and artwork to the unique stories each piece of furniture tells, to unexpected details like the books in The Portrait Bar. The lush, large fresh flower arrangements in the public areas make the spaces feel cared for and special – just as a guest must feel when a single, seasonal flower magically shows up blooming beside their bed at turndown.

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