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Hand-painted artwork depicting a forest with flying birds, meandering river, and a central house.

The Conservatory

Step through the French doors of The Study and discover The Conservatory, a romantic space with a Victorian feel. Vines frame the monumental skylight above delicate upholstered chairs and marble café tables. At night, the glow from Ottoman-inspired lanterns is reflected in the mirrored, trellis-hatched walls. The Study and The Conservatory are reserved as a pair.

Tastefully organized restaurant dining space with ample table sets, adorned ceiling featuring beautiful green leaves.
Artistic painting portraying a woodland with soaring birds, winding river, and a central residence.


  • 871 Square Feet
  • Reception 85 guest
  • Seated 40 guests
Artisanal creations portraying animals, birds, flowers, and trees in intricate and captivating detail.